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>>> well, it is 1:00 a.m. in the east and the race in ohio is over. mitt romney an apparent winner after a close race that has taken all night. that is the race that we will be tracking throughout the night. romney winning a slim victory over rick santorum in ohio. in tennessee, rick santorum is the projected winner of the tennessee republican primary, and rick santorum also the projected winner oklahoma, and also the projected winner the north dakota caucuses. in the idaho caucuses, mitt romney won a decisive victory. in massachusetts, mitt romney is the winner. nbc news has allocated all of that state's delegates to romney, the former governor. newt gingrich is the projected winner in his home state of georgia and the two man race by the way, romney is the projected winner over ron paul, and newt gingrich and rick santorum did not make it on to the ballot. and timely in the green mountain state, mitt romney is the projected winner. and howard fineman, i love to get this from you, because you are a bottom line guy, and reporting all night. in addition to the bottom line where it l
, that it was not until 12:30 a.m. eastern time that nbc was able to call ohio for mitt romney. even that call was just mitt romney as the apparent winner. because for five hours after poll closing it had been so close that it was impossible to say who had won the state. in fact right now mitt romney is the apparent winner of ohio because his margin of victory is only 1% and the entire vote isn't in yet. otio has been called for mitt romney but this was really, really close. still though as steve schmidt argued very well last night even when it's really, really close there is no prize for second place. even when it is that close a race. even a one-point race or zero-point race you would rather be the guy who won even if it's by a little than the guy who did not win. so ohio goes down not as a tie, not as otio but a win, in the mitt romney column and that matters. a win that is frankly as important to mr. romney's presidential prospects as his win was in michigan a week ago. in both those big important bell-weathery states, rick santorum gave mitt romney a run for his money. but ohio and michigan also s
ago. nbc news is declaring that mitt romney has won the state of illinois. mitt romney is projected winner in that state. latest results are 19% in mitt romney with 54% of the vote. rick santorum 28% of the vote. only 19% in right now. this is enough to project mr. romney as the winner. we'll be watching the percentages and the rankings of the other candidates as the percent of the vote increases. this is exciting. this is election night. republicans of the great state of illinois making big decision about whether to punch their ballot for newt gingrich or rick santorum or mitt romney. that's not the way it's worked at all. have you seen the ballot? have you seen what the ballot looks like that republicans were using today in illinois? it's different in every county but this is representative. let's put up the macon county ballot. if you're going vote in illinois, if you want mitt romney to be president, you can i understand indicate that mitt romney is your preference for president of the united states right here on this part of the ballot. whether or not you do that, doesn't reall
close to call. also a three-way race, 6% in with the vote in in mississippi, mitt romney and rick santorum 32%, newt gingrich at 29%. ron paul, fourth place with 6% of the vote. on to alabama, nbc news is declaring the alabama primary at this point too close to call. right now with only 1% of the vote in in alabama, rick santorum with 33%, mitt romney 32%, newt gingrich 27%, ron paul in fourth place with 6%. both of these races in alabama and mississippi not only too close to call but described as three-way races at this point. we're watching the numbers very closely as they come in, don't extrapolate too much from the very small percent of the vote that is in now. take those nbc characterizations of the race seriously but basically we'll watch throughout the night as the numbers come in. whether or not we are talking about the races at any moment right here at the bottom part of the screen you can watch as the percentage of the vote rises and more clarity about these races throughout the hour. >>> while we don't know the winners yet tonight, we do know from the exit polling who t
the president will run for re-election. we're also seeing a little bit of how mitt romney, the likely republican nominee is going to run against president obama. we'll have a bit more on that later in the show. of course, before mr. romney can fully jump into a general election campaign against the president, he still has to dispatch his rivals for the republican nomination. at this point in the campaign that means mitt romney has to be showing that he's consolidating his lead, showing he is locking up the republican establishment. pretty much every single day now that means mitt romney rolls out a high profile republican establishment endorsement. last week it was former florida governor jeb bush. this week it was republican senators mike lee and marco rubio and former president george h.w. bush. getting endorsements like that, having high profile surrogates, to talk on your behalf, for mr. romney that's been a doubl double-edged sword this year. on our staff and on our blog we talk about this as mitt romney's surrogate problem. right around the time of michigan primary you may remember mr. rom
. and he's also lost to rick santorum in mississippi. now, he's not losing to mitt romney and all mitt romney's money which has been mr. gingri gingrich's excuse so far when he lost. he's losing to santorum, the next big question in the race as much as he doesn't want it to be, is when is newt gingrich going is get out? if newt gingrich's billionaire, the funder in the case, moves to keep him in the race, is that a move to help mitt romney, to keep the conservative vote split so rick santorum cannot cleanly beat mr. romney and mr. romney will win by hook or by crook? mr. gingrich addressed his supporters in alabama within the next hour. he reiterated he's not getting out but is taking his campaign all the way to the republican convention in tampa. of course, they all say that before they get out. time will tell whether or not mr. gingrich means it. now, this may also be an appropriate time to take a step back and concede one of mr. gingrich's points tonight, which is that everybody's been wrong so far about the race to pick a republican nominee for president. i mean, the media, self in
the counties in green, mitt romney. so yeah, close race, but santorum took it. it was clear he had more votes, he had more counties and the end result proved it. 13 delegates for rick santorum, 12 for mitt romney. poor mitt romney. except that wasn't really the end result in mississippi. it might be a win for mitt romney. he got one more vote, it was not accounted for. one more vote from an unusually important voter. guy named henry barbour, you may not have heard of henry barbour, there is no reason you have heard of him. henry barbour is the nephew of former governor haley barbour and the national committeeman for the mississippi republican party. and even though rick santorum won mississippi last night, even though he won the popular vote there, barbour boosted romney to 13 delegates because he is a super delegate. his vote is one delegate. that made it a tie. they have two more super delegates, he will have eeked out a win in delegates despite losing the vote and counties. the same was true elsewhere last night as well. in terms of how many delegates were awarded, mitt romney won more tha
to risk nz mississippi. he's not losing to mitt romney and mitt romney's money which have been mr. gingrich's excuse so far when he lost. he's losing to rick santorum. so the next big question is, when is newt gingrich going to get out? if mr. gingrich, his major funder in the race moves to keep him in the race, is that purely a move to help mitt romney at this point? to keep the conservative vote split so that rick santorum cannot cleanly beat mr. romney and mr. romney will win by hook or by crook? mr. gingrich addressed his supporters in alabama within the last hour and reiterated that he's not getting out and he's taking his campaign all the way to the rip convention in tampa. of course, they all say that before they get out. time will tell. >>> this may also be an appropriate time to take a step back and kwon seed one of mr. gingrich's points which is that, everybody has been wrong so far about the race to pick a republican nominee for president. the media, self included, has been wrong about who would show strength and who would be viable. but it's not just the media. it's in
that mitt romney is somewhat likely, very likely, or almost certain to attain the republican nomination, 92%, and no other candidate is getting anywhere close to that number. with ron paul himself and the ron paul campaign all but conceing to "the new york times" today that they don't know why the fervor on the campaign trail for ron paul has not translated into any practical progress toward the nomination for dr. paul, with rick santorum's last great hope appearing to be the wisconsin primary on tuesday and with news that he is still being outspent there five to one by mr. romney, that's better than the ten to one it had been, but still, it's very bad. with the not particularly gusty winds of the republican presidential race all seemingly, now, at least, blowing in the direction of a mitt romney nomination, two things happened today. two things happened on mitt romney's personal campaign trail today that typify what his challenges are going to be. two things. first, there is the mitt romney as human being problem. a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows that mr. romney is very broadly
night, at the much to the show, we did a report on the mitt romney campaign that seems to have jangled some nerves. this was the splash page for the "huffington post." i don't know exactly what the f stands for but it's not good. i knew we would strike a nerve or two with that report because it is a sensitive subject. it is hard to talk about but i think it's important. there is something different about mitt romney as a presidential candidate as compared to every other modern major party presidential candidate, there's a certain amount of lying and stretching the truth and spinning history everybody expects if not tolerates at all levels of politics and on both sides of the aisle. there is something different about the romney campaign. this is an assertion by me and happy to see it challenged. there is something unique about the campaign and that is the frequency with which the candidate himself has been lying during the campaign. his willingness to lie about small stuff that doesn't seem to have political benefit to him, lying for the sake of lying but the campaign's lack of remorse
us this hour. in what ways is mitt romney like an etch a sketch? >> is there a concern that the pressure from santorum and gingrich might force the governor to tax too far to the right that it would hurt him with moderate voters in the general election? >> well, i think he hit a reset but the tonight for the fall campaign. everything changes. it's almost like an etch a sketch, you can shake it up and we start all over again. >> this is an etch a sketch. ed has one, i have one. i was always really bad at this. etch a sketch is made by the ohio art company. it's an american company that's been around since 1908. first in archbold, ohio, then in bryan, ohio. when the company was 40-something years old, they were approached by a french engineer. ohio art bought it and renamed it the etch a sketch, and to the delight to people everywhere in the world who delight in drawing curving lines only bill virtue of great concentration and exceptional hand/eye coordination, an american toy phenomenon was born. in the late 1950s until the year 2000, etch a sketch was manufactured by wo
primary while mitt romney and newt gingrich were both watching the returns come in from the state of florida, where was ron paul? he was already campaigning out in nevada. because nevada is a caucus state, ron paul has a caucus state strategy. it was florida's him being in nevada made sense. in colorado, minnesota and missouri, where was mitt romney? he was in colorado, that was awkward because him being in colorado meant he expected to win in colorado and he did not win in colorado. then the matter of him not being able to fill the room he was in in colorado. on the night of michigan and arizona while mitt romney and rick santorum were both in michigan awaiting those results, where was newt gingrich? he was in georgia. newt gingrich knowing that he would frankly tank in michigan an arizona and knowing he needs to win his home state of georgia in order to make a credible case for staying in the race. where you are on an election night speaks volumes about your campaign strategy and expectations. tomorrow night on super tuesday, rick santorum will watch the returns come in the supe
. governor romney came to town and said i was pandering. by picking that. and i just want to explain to the governor, no, this is called leading. [ applause ] leaders create large goals, leaders create a vision of a better future, leaders arouse the american people to do great things. leaders believe the american people could easily achieve energy independence if the government got out of the way. [ applause ] >> so if your friends ask you why we are emphasizing $2.50 and is it practical, first of all go to, we have there an entire 30 minute speech which outlines why it's doable and practical. i wrote a book back in 2008, calista and i did a movie "we have the power" this is clearly doable. but in addition, point out three numbers to them. the price of gasoline whether i speaker was $1.13. the price of gasoline when barack obama became president was $1.89. all of this gigantic increase came from his policies. finally, if you remember the natural gas story the president so proud of? we have now developed so much natural gas that supply is outrunning demand and the price has f
figured out. and frankly this is not a talk radio problem. this is also mitt romney's problem on the issue. mitt romney told mike huckabee he would support a constitutional amendment that would define a fertilized egg as a person. a personhood thing. even before mississippi voted that down, mitt romney said he would have supported that at the state level when he was governor of massachusetts. mississippi mississippi said no to personhood because it wouldn't just ban all abortion, a personhood amendment would probably ban hormonal contraception. he is all for contraception but would support personhood. >> you were on governor huckabee's show a few weeks ago one of the things that you folks talked about was that you would support a life begins at conception amendment. now, that would essentially mean banning most forms of birth control. 98% of american women including me, use birth control. so could you help me understand why you oppose the use of birth control? >> i don't. i'm sorry, life begins at conception, birth control prevents conception. >> what she is asking mitt romney is the right
now. do you remember when bob dole endorsed mitt romney and complained he didn't like newt, because when he was speaker he would carry an empty bucket that was supposed to be some sort of symbolic thing nobody understood and it was just weird. newt gingrich is doing it again. it's now a gas bucket. that is the whole focus of the newt gingrich campaign now. mitt romney also on the same 2012 version of the drill baby drill thing, yesterday mr. romney was in pascagoula, mississippi, talking about how president obama is against drilling for oil. factually, that is not true. here's oil production under president obama, compared to george w. bush. you can't say this is an anti-oil production president. but those are only the facts and politics are only very rarely about the facts. and republicans finding themselves in an economic environment that is disturbingly positive have decided they can count on high gas prices as their economic argument, making president obama look bad and making them, by extension, look good. there is a flip side to being the drill baby drill guys. when the result
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 112 (some duplicates have been removed)